Redwing provides ecologically-related services to a broad range of clients in the public and private sectors, throughout the midwest, southeast and western U.S.
Redwing's client commitment is exhibited by remaining constantly attuned to the client throughout the scoping process in order to provide a proposal of services that meets their specific project needs and by keeping in close contact with the client throughout the project via verbal and written updates. This commitment is continued through project closure by providing detailed documentation to the client to ensure that their goals have been met.


Clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial development sector have relied upon Redwing for wetlands assessment, permitting, and mitigation services. The scope of these developments has ranged from small residential developments to large industrial parks consisting of thousands of acres. Stream design and restoration, wildlife habitat assessment, and restoration services are also within the scope of a typical development project. Many clients have incorporated Redwing's efforts with regard to outdoor education into the development of their sites.


Redwing has worked on numerous state and federal highway projects, providing ecological assessments, wetland and stream permitting/mitigation, and NEPA compliance consulting. By identifying potential ecological issues in advance, Redwing is able to ensure that proposed highway projects are able to proceed smoothly, and minimize work stoppages due to unforeseen ecological or compliance issues.


Clients in the public sector utilize all of Redwing's service lines. Redwing's experience with government agencies includes planning, design, oversight, and monitoring of restoration projects, as well as wetland/stream assessment/permitting, watershed planning, and utility siting.


Redwing and its principals in previous positions have assisted clients in the solid waste industry in dealing with natural resource issues for over 15 years. The majority of the services include water/wetland assessment and permitting, wetland and stream mitigation design and monitoring, and habitat assessment. However, outdoor education planning, detailed needs and alternative analysis, and natural area restoration services has also been provided by Redwing.


Redwing has extensive experience in natural restoration of reclaimed mining sites, and has assisted clients with planning, executing and monitoring mine restoration projects in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. These projects included restoration planning, natural area design, grading and planting plans, permitting, and field monitoring and detailed wildlife and aquatic surveys to measure progress.


Ecological/aquatic assessment and NEPA compliance services are of particular interest to the pipeline and utilities industries. Redwing has assisted various clients in accomplishing the necessary assessment, planning and permitting for natural gas pipeline construction and repairs, sewerline construction, utility line construction, waterline construction, and other public right-of-way projects.


Redwing has worked with numerous real estate agencies to address the needs of clients who are considering selling or purchasing property. By utilizing Redwing's services during the due diligence phase, clients can be sure that any proposed real estate sale will proceed without being detrimentally affected by unforeseen ecological concerns.